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A unique QR code enabling real-time health reporting

Quantifiable trust through sentiment and data.

Trusted Certifier
(Lab, clinician, government)

Health Credentials

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Integrating virus testing into

IDFlu TrustPass

Once tested the user is issued with a unique identifier relating to the current test result.

The test facility uploads the results to the private/public database.

The user downloads the anonymised version of their results to IDFlu.

Results are displayed as a QR code on the phone or print out.

Any QR code reader can validate the health status of the individual in real-time.

The individual scans their unique QR code to authenticate themselves and prove their health status.

IDFlu is a Guernsey based technology company, borne out of the need to develop a secure health and public monitoring system in the wake of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

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